The botting client that changed the game

I have been using many different botting clients over the years since I started in this beautiful scene back in 2015. Any OG’s in the house who still remember Powerbot? All these different clients had their own unique benefits and disadvantages. Over the years these botting clients would fight ferociously to be the top botting client out there. Many clients came and many clients disapeared. There’s still a few OG ones out there like osbot, dreambot, tribot & epicbot.

I made this post because I wanted to inform you guys about the new king of the hill, a botting client/manager which has been making quite a name for itself. It’s actually by far the smoothest and most advanced gold farming experience for me so far. Drum ruffle, let me introduce you to the bottinghub.

Bottinghub is pretty much everything you need for gold farming stuffed into one powerfull platform. From creating accounts, scripts, unlocking accounts, script queieung, auto muling to G.E restocking. Bottinghub has a tight community and very active devs who offer support when needed. Bottinghub is really a game changer for the reason it allows you to manage, automate and really scale your farm to a next level. Here’s an overview of their different botting plans which are currently available:

Here are some of the scripts which are included within the different plans on Bottinghub:

Ready to amp up your gold farm with just a few simple clicks? Check em out on!

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An overview of the Botting Hub Manager

Trustpilot score & reviews:

Color Based Clients

Most of the botting clients you probably know are Java based and work with Injection or Reflection.  Examples are: Tribot, Topbot, Dreambot and the list goes on.Today I want to inform you guys about Color based clients. These type of botting clients are fairly unkown, but they seem to work very good for many people (including myself). I find the banrates significantly lower using the right scripters. Lets start of with the difference between Injection, reflection and screenscraping (color based).


As you can see in the image above color based clients (screen scraping) are the only clients that don’t read code! This makes it a lot harder for Jagex to detect you botting. The risk of ban is now directly related to the skill of the scripter. This means that it’s very important that you use an experienced scripter when it comes to color based scripts.

The downside of using color based clients (that don’t read code) is that there are fewer possibilities when it comes to scripts. It’s much harder to make a script without using Java coding. Don’t get me wrong, there are still very complex color based scripts out there! Another downside with color based clients is that they aren’t as practical as Java based clients.

Color based clients being harder to detect is a huge benefit and the main reason why I started experimenting with color based clients. I have botted over months (8 hours max/day, including breaks) without any bans using proper private color based scripts. I have definitely had some great successes with color based clients and I advise you all to give it a try. The color based client I mainly use is Simba.