The Importance of Private Scripts

Now and then you hear these stories about gold farmers making 1000’s of dollars a month and you’re probably wondering ‘how the f*ck are they doing this?!’. Well these guys are usually using private scripts on some crazy methods they found out or even paid for.

privateLet me first explain what a private script is: it’s a script that’s been made on your personal request. So your pretty sure that you are the only one using that script. This way the script has way less users than the public scripts, lowering the banrate significantly, ‘flying under the radar’.

If you are planning the get a private script made its very important that you first find an awesome method. I have used and heard about many private scripts and mostly you see the same concept: the script buys stuff in a shop anywhere in Runescape and sells it for a profit in the Grand Exchange. An example of this concept is a karambwan buyer script. It starts in Camelot with some starting cash and walks to Catherby to take the boat to Brimhaven. Once youre there it will go over to The Shrimp and Parrot restaurant and buy a full inventory of cooked karambwans by hopping the worlds. After that it teleports you back to Camelot (using a tele tab) and the proces restarts. After the script reached a certain amount of karambwans it would go to the GE and sell them. This way the script is selfsufficient and can be run for an infinate time period. This was a private method that worked very well back in the day and people made big profits using this. Nowadays this method is dead, as there are just too many people that know about the method (the restaurant is always out of stock). The concept of buying and selling is still very much alive though and you should always try to find new methods. If you find it hard to be creative and come up with a nice method, you should definately use this concept. If you really cant come up with a method yourself you could always buy a method of other people on forums etc. (watch out for scammers though).

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Theres a few questions you should be asking yourself once you found a private method.

  • Is there enough demand for this item (that you will be botting)?
  • Is it worth to get the requirments? (I personally love 0 requirment scripts)
  • Is the profit per hour high enough? (I suggest 100k+ in F2P and 250k+ in P2P)
  • Do you have enough funds to invest? (the more complex the script, the more expensive the script. The cheapest private scripts start around 20$, but they can be much more expensive).
  • Is the scripter experienced? And can he hook you up with nice antiban features?
There are many talented scripters out there. Just pm them on the botting client platform(s) they are working on and ask them for prices. Make sure you work with trusted and reputable scripters to avoid getting scammed!

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