Always wanted to set up a gold farm and make bank IRL? You’re at the right place! This website is all about gold farming on Runescape using botting clients and scripts. This website is mainly focused on OSRS and DMM as these games are definitely worth to gold farm, unlike RS3 IMO. Make sure to comment if you have any questions or suggestions for future guides/videos!

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  1. Hi.
    What tips would you give to someone who is buying gold for personal use (as in not planning to flip it) and avoid or minimize the chance of getting banned?

    Like when you sold your cashstack, did you anticipate getting banned shortly after or you took steps to prevent that?

    • Hey bro!

      To be honest during my ‘botting career’ not 1 of my mules ever got banned. It’s safe to say that buying (and selling) runescape gold online isn’t gonna get u banned. Unless your gonna do it on twitch or something:P If it was bannable it would be very easy to get someone banned that you dont like. You just go up to them and offer them a nice cash stack, which they ofcourse would gladly accept.

      Jagex is targeting big gold farmers more and more tho, and stories are going around of mules getting banned. If you arent doing anything really big, I wouldn’t worry at all. You could also just use a double mule (trade from mule to mule just to be safe).

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