How to use a Private Proxy when your botting

Guys I have been getting a lot of questions on how to use proxies properly when your botting. That’s why I decided to make a little guide on it.

First of all you need to buy a private proxy. But, why do I need a private proxy? Well if you are going to use public proxies, there is very high chance that other gold farmers are also using those proxies (same IP-addresses). The chance of getting banned using those public proxies is very high. Private proxies on the other hand are password protected. So you will be the only one using that proxy (IP-address).

Now that it’s clear that you should use private proxies there is another important thing you should know about proxies. If you are planning to use proxies for botting you need socks5 proxies.

You should be aware that using many accounts on one proxy isn’t a smart idea. The whole idea about using proxies is that your farm can run on different IP-addresses. So if 1 account is banned the others won’t be linked to the account and get banned as well.

Buying a Proxy

There are numerous of companies that provide private socks5 proxies. I personally use Virmach ( > Runescape VPS Plans > Buy RS Botting Plan), because I like their prices, customer support and the fact that they offer ‘Runescape Proxys’ which have a free IP-address change each month. Next to your monthly free IP-address change you can also change your IP-address for a 2$ fee. So everytime your bots get banned and your IP-address gets flagged you don’t have to buy new proxies again. You can just change their IP-addresses for a lower price. If you order annually you can save up to 40% at Virmach.

(“If paypal asks you to link a credit card (you dont need one): register and use the Billing -> Add funds feature (at Virmach) to add the amount of the proxy invoice and this way it will not ask for a credit card. You can then apply the new store credit (from adding funds) to the proxy invoice”) – Virmach

Setting up a Proxy

When you buy a proxy you can pick a proxy type. Make sure that you pick the Standalone Private Socks5 Proxy Server NOT the Standalone Private HTTP Proxy Server. Next to the proxy type you can also select a location. At Virmach ( > Runescape VPS Plans > Buy RS Botting Plan) you can pick many locations). I suggest that you pick the one that is closest to you. Make sure that you remember the hostname and Root Password that you want to use (you will also get an email with this information).


Using a proxy in your botting client

Once you madproxyyyye the payment you will recieve an email with all the needed information. You should have the following information to start using your proxy: IP-address, Port (usually 1080), Username and Root Password. If you start your botting client, you usually have the option ‘configure proxies’. If you hit configure proxies, you can fill in all the information you recieved in the emaill you got from VIrmach (IP-address, Port (usually 1080), Username and Root Password). Once you did that you can finally use the proxy and start on a fresh IP-adress! Just pick it from the list where it only said ‘No proxy’ at first.

Using a proxy in your browser

Many people forget that they also need to use a proxy when making new accounts. If you don’t Jagex will still be able to link the accounts and ban your entire farm. So it’s very important that you know about this. I suggest that you download the browser Maxthon as its very easy to implement the proxies using this browser. After you installed the browser type in bout:config in the URL bar.

  1. Use Custom proxy setting –> Add
  2. Then pick Socks5 as type.
  3. Fill in the details. The username is root, and the port is 1080.
  4. Then click OK, and Enable

Search for whats my IP in Google and check if its working right!


Get your proxies at Virmach! (> Runescape VPS Plans > Buy RS Botting Plan)

(“If paypal asks you to link a credit card (you dont need one): register and use the Billing -> Add funds feature (at Virmach) to add the amount of the proxy invoice and this way it will not ask for a credit card. You can then apply the new store credit (from adding funds) to the proxy invoice”) – Virmach


Using proxies isn’t diffcult at all, but such a great way to keep your farm a lot saver from getting banned. Guys I hope you fully understand how to use proxies properly now when you’re botting in Runescape! Comment if you still have issues!


Color Based Clients

Most of the botting clients you probably know are Java based and work with Injection or Reflection.  Examples are: Tribot, Topbot, Dreambot and the list goes on.Today I want to inform you guys about Color based clients. These type of botting clients are fairly unkown, but they seem to work very good for many people (including myself). I find the banrates significantly lower using the right scripters. Lets start of with the difference between Injection, reflection and screenscraping (color based).


As you can see in the image above color based clients (screen scraping) are the only clients that don’t read code! This makes it a lot harder for Jagex to detect you botting. The risk of ban is now directly related to the skill of the scripter. This means that it’s very important that you use an experienced scripter when it comes to color based scripts.

The downside of using color based clients (that don’t read code) is that there are fewer possibilities when it comes to scripts. It’s much harder to make a script without using Java coding. Don’t get me wrong, there are still very complex color based scripts out there! Another downside with color based clients is that they aren’t as practical as Java based clients.

Color based clients being harder to detect is a huge benefit and the main reason why I started experimenting with color based clients. I have botted over months (8 hours max/day, including breaks) without any bans using proper private color based scripts. I have definitely had some great successes with color based clients and I advise you all to give it a try. The color based client I mainly use is Simba.

Start Your Gold Farm



Welcome to my guide on how to start your gold farm on Runescape! I have been gold farming for a few years now and had a great time doing so. Before I start with the guide I want to let all of you know that gold farming isn’t just setting up some accounts, run a script and voila the money starts running in. To be honest it’s far from that. It took me a long time before I started to get the hang of farming properly and started making a decent profit. The farming community isn’t usually shaupward-graphring any good methods so it can be very hard to gain all the crucial knowledge that is needed. It’s a never ending process of trial & error, being innovative and persistent. Many people did manage to make over 3000$ a month gold farming Runescape. Are you the kind of person that doesn’t give up too quick and is willing to invest some time and effort, this might be something for you. So are you ready? Let do this!

2 ways of botting

It’s important to know that there are two ways of botting, suicide botting and botting with a more long term focus.

Suicide Botting:

Suicide botting is botting 24/7 on Robot from The Terminatormany accounts and make as much profit as possible before the inevitable ban is coming (usually <48 hours). People usually use free scripts and free-to-play Runescape accounts for this method. The profit per hour is relative low, but the investment (risk) is very low.  There are multiple forums like Sythe for example where you can buy these lvl-3’s. Ofcourse you can also just bot them yourself!

Long-term Botting:

This way of botting is more focused on NOT getting banned. Also more investments are made and different tactics are being used on keeping the bot alive for as long as possible and making a high profit per hour. Examples of investments: private or paid scripts, using break handlers, proxies, vps, vpn, Runescape membership, etc. Later on in the guide this will be explained more in depth.

Step 1: Find a botting client

The first step in this guide is that you find a client that fits best to you. Look at the scripts that they offer, the prices, the scripters, features, the community, etc. Here are a few examples of reputable botting clients active in 2023:

  • Bottinghub
  • Tribot
  • Osbot
  • Epicbot
  • Dreambot
  • Runemate

90% of the botters are using these public clients. Some gold farmers use private botting clients.

Just take a look at their websites. I personally use Bottinghub, because its pretty much a one-stop platform for all your botting & gold farming needs. With plenty of scripts, anti-ban features, account creation and best of all its management functions to automate everything with just a few clicks. Bottinghub really pushed my farms to another level. Whish these guys were around when I started back in 2015 lol.

Use coupon code: nom10 for a 10% discount on the monthly plans and use code nom20 for a 20% discount on the lifetime plans.

Step 2: Find a Script

I remember the first script that I have ever used. It was a crappy woodcutting script with no anti-ban at all. It felt like I invented  a space ship, I was so happy lol. A few days later I got banned and started researching what I did wrong.

Important to know is that scripts with Green_dragon_3a high amount of users will usually get you banned very fast. This is no problem when your suicide botting, but if you want to make a higher profit per hour on the long term you might want to invest in a paid or even private script (script made on your personal request). As these scripts have less users (lower ban rate) and the scripters keep these scripts updated. Using scripts in populated area’s (free-to-play) or botting at ‘hot spots’ (edgeville yews, flax edgeville, al kharid furnace, etc.) will also get u banned fast. So you should always keep exploring new ways of making money and use scripts that aren’t in the spotlight. So definately make sure to check out this post on Private Scripts! Or take a look at my recent post about Bottinghub.

When you look at different scripts you should also look at the price, requirements, scripter support, profit per hour, ban rate, etc.

I personally love to use auto muling scripts when possible. Transfering all the money from your bots to mule accounts can be a pain in the ass! Thats why I mainly use Bottinghub’s manager to make everything a lot smoother and efficient.

Take a look at my My Youtube Channel that features many scripts, reviews, profit per hour, ban rates, etc. Below you can find an example:

Step 3: Use Private Socks5 Proxies

Once you start botting you will eventually get banned. Most people believe that once you get banned, your IP-address will be flagged by Jagex and monitored closely. That’s why it’s important that you start again on fresh IP’s using Socks5 proxies. Socks5 proxies make it possible to bot with new IP-addresses.

Using private socks5 proxies will also spread out the risk the gold farm is taking. Let’s say you have 4 bots running on just 1 IP-address. If one of the accounts gets caught botting you will lose all the bots running on the same IP-address (chain ban). That’s why it’s definitely worth to invest in some socks5 proxies. Let’s say you have 1 bot running using a private proxy and 1 more bot running using another private proxy. If 1 of the bots gets caught you won’t lose the other bot that’s running using another proxy (another IP). Make sure to use these, because you really don’t want to lose your whole farm like that. Trust me, I’ve been there! The private proxy provider I personally use are resedential proxies from Bottinghub.

Also use a proxy in your browser when your creating new accounts! If you dont, they will still be able to link the accounts. I learned the hard way!

(don’t use public proxies you will get banned even faster, chances are that other gold farmers are using them aswell).

Make sure to check out my  step by step guide on how to use proxies properly when botting on runescape! Click here for the in depth guide.


Step 4: Virtual Private Servers

If you really want to make a nice profit gold farming Runescape, botting on just a few accounts a few hours a day just won’t be enough. If you start growing your farm you will notice that using different pc’s and laptops 24/7 isn’t efficient at all. Running these devices costs resources and interrupts your home network. That’s why it’s so much easier and efficient to use a VPS. Using a VPS you can remotely log into your own personal server from anywhere you like. You can run your bots 24/7 using the VPS while your own personal computer isn’t even on. It’s possible to watch your bots running on the VPS from a smartphone. So if you want to start growing your gold farm I highly suggest that you invest in a VPS for more efficiency. Im also using Virtual Private Servers from Virmach VPS. They offer Virtual Private Servers dedicated to Runescape botting, with  recourses to run atleast 6 bots. OSbot, Tribot and Powerbot are pre-installed. Go over to Virmach > Runescape VPS Plans > Buy RS Botting Plan. For a more in depth guide to using a VPS click here!

Step 5: Community

As I told before gold farming is a process of trial and error and exploring innovative methods. That’s why it’s important that you learn from eacokkkkkkkkkh other’s mistakes and successes. That’s why you should reach out to different communities (Sythe, Topbot, Botting Hub, Tribot, Powerbot, etc.). I’ve met many awesome people on those forums and got to know very good methods which I would have never even thought of myself. Make sure to join the Skype Group Chat.

(Currently the Skype Group Chat isn’t public anymore as the chat grew way too big, I only invite veteran farmers now)

Register on Sythe and start connecting

Step 6: avoid bans

If you decide that you dont want to suicide bot you should do everything in your power to avoid getting banned. Here are some tips that will definately help you out.

    • Use paid or private scripts with anti ban features implemented
    • Avoid botting at hot spots
    • Avoid scripts with many users
    • Bot after UK working time (>5pm), go hard in the weekends. (you are less likeley to be banned manually by mods).
    • Use breaks using a break handler from your client
    • Use socks5 proxies
    • diversify and switch scripts, don’t bot the same thing over and over (nothing is more obvious than a lvl 3 with just 75 woodcutting)
    • Include simplistic descriptions of Hardware ID
    • Mac Address spoofingnaamloos
    • Use legit looking usernames
    • Dont pick the standard lvl 3 look
    • lvl up your account a bit and do some quests/clues
    • Use Team Viewer to monitor your bots
    • bot 6 to 8 hours a day max
    • Use older accounts (I used player auctions and forums a lot to buy accounts with certain requirments for scripts)
    • Make your bots members (use amazon or bonds for anonymity)

Step 7: Cashing Out

Now that you earned a nice stack of Runescape Gp Millions it’s time to start cashing out! Many people are wondering where to sell this ingame money for real $$$. It isn’t hard at all actually, there are numerous trusted gold buying/selling websites.Coins_detail

Just make sure that you don’t sell your gold to a shady website that you got from a so called ‘friend’.

Once you start selling bigger amounts of millions (100m stacks) you could use trusted Middle Man services (you can find them on all the botting forums). You give the ingame money to the middleman, once the middleman confirms a payment has been made he will give the ingame money to the buyer.

Another option is using increments. For example you want to sell a 100m stack to a new buyer. You could sell the gold per 10m stack.

Tip: look out for chargebacks with PayPal when your dealing with unknown buyers!


I highly suggest that  you start using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrenty (with lower transaction costs) to recieve your payments as there is NO risk of “Charge-backs” which is fucking awesome haha. Nothing is more annyoing then recieving a nice sum of cash, but see it disapear after a few days…. (charge-backs happen a lot on PayPal, believe me you will feel like shit!). Thats why there are a lot of sellers (and buyers) that only accept Bitcoin. Bitcoinshave other very nice advantages as well that any gold farmer should make full use of:

  • No tracking
  • No transaction costs
  • No taxes!!
  • No Third-Party Seizure
  • Very secure

Want to sign up for the leading crypto currency wallet Coinbase? Make sure to check this post and earn an easy 10$ worth of bitcoin using Coinbase’s awesome Referral Program!


Below, you can find a video of me cashing out a week of botting on just 2 Runecrafting accounts on oldschool runescape.


Well kudos to you bro, 1600 words later and your still here. Being persistant is very important in this business. Don’t give up when things arent going your way. Keep exploring new methods and believe me, it WILL PAY OFF. Good luck on your farming adventures guys.